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The greatest.

We have established the largest external electronic screen in Moscow.

We have established the largest external electronic video screen in Moscow. It is the second valve screen ,produced by our company and established in Moscow. High exploitation indices of the screen have assured wide audience. The screen is situated on a very comfortable place for the external advertisement -it is set up on the Thelman-square(station Airport,Leningradsky prospect). The size of the picture makes up 12,2 x 9,15 metres,the resolution is 160 x 120 pixels.
  This screen, like the previous ones , is able to transmit the television broadcast in the full-colored form. After the establishment of the screen, the traffic jams in this region have become more often (unfortunately for the drivers),this fact says about the high informational influence of this type of external advertisement.

11 февраля 2001 г.

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